Outdoor Aquaculture Program

Outdoor Aquaculture Program on Saturday April 22nd 2017 at
Kentucky State University’s Aquaculture Research Center

Moderator: Mr. Forrest Wynne, State Extension Specialist for Aquaculture

9:00 AM Introductions – Dr. Bob Durborow, Kentucky State University
9:05 AM Permitting Requirements for Aquaculture in KY – Mr. Forrest Wynne, KSU
9:15 AM Catish grow-out production, hybrids and new technologies – Mr. Forrest Wynne, KSU
9:45 AM Largemouth Bass production – Mr. Shawn Coyle, KSU
10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM Holding systems and methods when marketing food fish – Dr. Ken Semmens, KSU
11:00 AM Freshwater shrimp production – Mr. Shawn Coyle, KSU
11:30 AM Tours followed by lunch at 12:15 PM

Moderator: Ms. Kat Mitchell, Extension Associate for Aquaculture

1:00 PM Marketing of Aquaculture Products – Ms. Angela Caporelli, KY Dept. of Agriculture
1:30 PM Polyculture – Ms. Kathryn Mitchell, KSU
1:45 PM Trout culture – Dr. Bob Durborow, KSU
2:15 PM Koi and koi x goldfish hybrids production and genetics – Dr. Boris Gomelsky, KSU
2:45 PM Panel Discussion on options for aquaculture / pond use in Kentucky and nearby states

RSVP to Kat Mitchell at Kathryn.Mitchell@kysu.edu or Carolyn Harris at
502-597-8103 if you would like to attend.



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