Fact Sheets

Kratky Hydroponics

Kratky Hydroponics is a type of hydroponics that requires no electricity and very few inputs.  In this factsheet, we go over how to set up a Kratky Hydroponics system and why it is a popular way of growing vegetables.

Financial Statements – Financial Statement Template

This is a link to a template you can use to fill out your financial statement.

Acquiring farmland: help for beginning farmers – FSALoanFactsheet

The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) has a farm ownership (FO) loan program.  Money from this program can be used to buy a farm, or make improvements to a farm that you already have.  There is no minimum loan amount, and the maximum loan  is $300,000 with no down payment.  This $300,000 loan program is called a direct loan from the FSA.  The agency is responsible for every aspect of a direct loan.

Consumer preferences for fruit & vegetable consumption – Vegetable and Fruit Choices

Many small-scale commercial fruit and vegetable producers in Kentucky have little land and labor resources to commit toproduction, which translates into limited production possibilities.  Their outlets for fruit and vegetable sales are usually farmers’ markets, roadside stands, community-supported agriculture (CSA),  friends, and neighbors.  In order to maintain a satisfied clientele, these producers must carefully consider the types of fruits and vegetables that they might want to offerfor sale.

Selling Fish to Independent RestaurantsFish Sales to Restaurants Factsheet

Restaurants that feature locally-grown foods have been a lucrative outlet for many small-scale farmers. In Kentucky, many independent restaurants, i. e., restaurants that are not part of a chain, are known for offering local pro-duce, cheeses, wines, and meats. However, they rarely serve locally-grown fish. Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi restaurants often feature locally-grown catfish because these states are famous for their catfish industry. However, Kentucky does not have a comparably strong aquaculture indus-try to generate such a following by chefs.


How can farmers accept debit, credit, and EBT cards in direct-to-consumer marketsDebit Credit EBT card Factsheet

Direct marketing, where food is sold directly to consumers, is the main income source of many beginning farmers. Examples of direct markets include farmers’ markets, roadside stands, on-farm stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), pick-your-own operations, home delivery, etc. For farmers selling in these markets, it is crucial that they make the payment process convenient for consumers.


Selling Catfish in Local Markets – Catfish Retail Sales Factsheet

The aquaculture industry in the United States is relatively small when compared to other animal husbandry industries such as beef cattle, hogs, or poultry. U. S. aquaculture is primarily noted for large-scale production of rainbow trout and catfish. Smaller volumes of other freshwater fish such as hybrid striped bass, tilapia, largemouth bass, yellow perch, and walleye are also produced. Crustaceans such as marine shrimp, freshwater prawns, crayfish are produced in the United States, but at even lesser volumes.




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